I have a beautiful baby girl who is the light of my life in every way possible, but I didn't come by motherhood easily.

I have suffered from loss.  Before I knew what was wrong with my body, I'd had two miscarriages and I've also had an abortion several years prior.  All of those experiences have changed me, completely and permanently.  While there are lots of facets to my personality, loss is a part of me.

If by chance you've found my blog because you've suffered a loss, first I offer you a virtual hug.  Babyloss is one of those things that just isn't right with the world.  We're not supposed to lose children, plain and simple.  But it happens and I wrote about it.  A lot. 

It helped and reading what I wrote might help you too.  Click this link and go back to the beginning.  And always, email me if you want to talk.  I'm here and I'll listen.


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