Sunday, April 1, 2012

The cake will end me

We are T-minus six days until Sofia's birthday party.  Unless I want to pay a bazillion dollars to have the pros make her cake, I'm going to have to make it myself because most bakeries need at least a week's notice.  This worries me because as the party gets closer, the list of things I have to do has gotten longer.  Isn't that how it always is?

A couple of weeks ago, I made the layer cake yet again, this time for a baby shower for one of the moms in my playgroup.
I started taking pictures at this point, because by now
you know how this all goes.
PS, two boxes of cake mix yields about nine-ish cups of batter
which is a lot of damn batter.

And once again, the universe taunted me. That's a lot of damn batter, Desiree.  That's probably enough for a six layer cake. You should try it.  You have six glass bowls, just go for it!

Seriously, the universe needs to quit effing with me.  Because I did it.  I used food coloring again because I had it and honestly, I was a little wary of using beets and cabbage to color my cake.
I went crazy and bold with the food coloring and used
five drops in each layer.  Bitter cake be damned!
Since they don't know the baby's sex, I wanted to do alternating blue and pink layers.

The cake went over well, the Cool Whip was nice and light and it wasn't bitter!  However, cutting even layers is flippin hard.  I was cutting and cutting but still couldn't get them even.  Then, the other night, Drew showed me this little guy and was like I don't know why you don't just use this.
Thanks dude.  Now you tell me, after I've already made three cakes.

My layers were totally uneven but at least it tasted good.

And!  I Am Baker commented on my last cake-making post!  I was so flattered!  She recommended chilling the cake after you brush it with the simple syrup to get the layers to stick together and it totally worked!  This time my cake didn't fall apart, so at least there's that.

But the universe isn't done with me.  Because just yesterday I saw this.
from here via my Pinterest

*sigh*  I love strawberries.  And there's no food coloring.

I really need to just stay off the internet until Saturday.


  1. Very good girl, looks awesome!! :)

  2. Aww, thank you! I'm having dreams about layer cakes...

  3. Seriously, don't worry about food coloring making cake bitter. We had a red velvet recipe growing up that used TWO WHOLE BOTTLES of red food coloring for one 2-layer cake and it didn't taste bitter. I'm surprised we haven't already died of some funky cancer...but in an case, a few drops of food coloring isn't going to do a thing.

    The strawberry cake *looks* lovely, but it would probably start running down and getting a drippy and gooey really fast. Stick with your original plan and do a lovely ombre (or whatever that word is!) cake. I'm sure it will be great.

    ps--you can try using a really long knife and placing several really low bowls or other 1" high objects around the cake, as a makeshift cutting guide. If you keep the knife resting on top of at least 2 of the cutting guides at all times, it should turn out nice and even all the way around.

    You could also tie a heavy string or thin wire to 2 sticks. Make little notches on each stick exactly as high as you want the cake, and then use the string/wire (pulled taut) to cut the layer evenly.

  4. The pink and blue one looks fab! If you aren't happy with it, WHAT IF you try an alternative I allllmost did. I am fortunate to have a cake-making friend, but if I didn't, here is what was going to happen. Tiny smash cake for L from the grocery store that makes delicious $8 cakes, put the cute little banner on top of it from the original pinterest cake, and then for everyone else, individual strawberry shortcakes or strawberry cheesecake parfaits. Look at my pinterest board for pics of both of those. I decided to just go with our friend's cake because she really wanted to do it, but maybe you can use my Plan A as your Plan B:o) 6 days!!!

  5. And thanks for the birthday wishes. Happy late one to you! And no, I'm an Aries. Very much so.

  6. Chance DesignedbychanceApril 1, 2012 at 10:53 PM

    I saw that cake too, looks yummy. Martha Stewart has a great cake that is amazing, it has sponge cake, strawberries and cream. It is divine. if you are interested I will find the recipe for you.

  7. That strawberry cake looks AMAZING. You will get there - the pink/blue cake already looks awesome.

  8. got damn that strawberry cake looks good. Awesome job on the pink/blue cake too!

  9. your pink/blue cake looks yummy! i'm still looking forward to trying the cool whip instead of icing tip. i'm sure the cake will be perfect this weekend! if all else fails, most grocery stores have cakes and Sam's Club has some really good cupcakes. i could eat a whole container of them.

  10. your dedication is amazing! I am enjoying hearing about the cake saga... good luck!

  11. The cake looks amazing. Desiree, you are super talented. Your persisentence is golden!

  12. This is why you're amazing! I love the idea of using wire and sticks! Even the cutting guides! It gives me hope that my cake will turn out after all!

  13. I got some petit fours from a local bakery as my back-up sweets and Drew already has instructions for a last-minute run to the bakery at the grocery store if we need to!

  14. OMG! The pink and blue cake is so cute!!!! And that strawberry cake looks amazing too! Seriously. I think my pants are getting tighter just reading all these cake posts. :)

  15. Oh, my....your pink/blue baby cake is simply AWESOME!

    I love your dedication to gettin' 'er done! :) Any you're so brave to try a new recipe when it will be consumed by quests. lol


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