Major boat lift safety concerns and precautions

If you own a boat, you might have given thought to the idea that you need a boat lift. The benefits that come with having a lift for your boat cannot be overlooked. The most important thing for any boat owner is to buy the best boat lifts. Once you get the best unit for your boat, you should also be prepared to observe some safety precautions, to avoid learning costly lessons.

Lift cables

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In most instances, lift cables do not give even the slightest indicator of impending danger. As such, it is up to you to keep a close eye on the wires and ensure they are in the best possible shape. As such, if your cables are strong enough, you do not have to worry about the possibility of raising your boat by an extra inch during stormy weather. As a tip, see to it that the cables are in the best condition to avoid the possibility of being injured or damaging the boat.

Electric lift motors

Electric motors are an essential component of a boat lift. However, you should be well aware of the fact that electronic motors can break in an instant. Electric motors are known to wear or break the lift cables. Since the most likely culprits of a malfunctioning motor are the cables, motor anomalies are also directly involved in creating all sorts of troubles and injuries.

Jammed rack

boats 234A jammed rack is a major safety concern in a boat lift. Once the rack is jammed, what you do next is what matters. When troubleshooting a jammed rack, the most important thing is to know the direction the motor turns. If the rack is not going down or the cable is broken, your boat will certainly go down in an instant. Any wrong decision certainly means your boat will be falling in a moment.

Observe lift ratings

The capacity of any boat lift should not be exceeded. Ideally, the weight of the boat is determined the weight of the boat, fuel, water, and any equipment it might have. Be sure to factor in all these aspects when calculating the weight of the boat. If possible, have a margin of error when doing these calculations. Do not be tempted to exceed the maximum load rating of the boat lift. Not just that, the boat or load must be well balanced on the lift.



How to choose an impact wrench

The more advanced this world is, the easier it is for us to do many things. For example, communication used to be limited to face to face and distance was a big challenge for us. It can take days for us to tell our families and friends that live far away from us the news that we want to share. Today sharing information takes no longer than 10 seconds to spread only using our fingertips. And it is not just for communication, the reason that DIYs or Do it yourself is getting more popular is that nowadays there are a lot of tools that make it easier for us to overhaul an item. For those who work a lot in the garage, you must be familiar with an impact wrench. Commonly used to loosen up lug nuts, they are incredibly useful if you like to work with your hands on projects like fixing car, trucks, ATV, or any other mechanical items. If you are currently looking to buy a new one to either replace or try out this tool, here are some tips on how to choose one for you.


Firstly you want to look for an impact wrench that is cordless. Because then it would be more practical to use, you no longer have to make sure that you are close to an electric socket to use it, you can use it safely without getting the chord tangled, and it is overall a better quality item. You can find the best cordless impact on the internet and see some reviews before deciding on what to buy and which one will suit your budget.

Quality over price

rce76r5bjkEven though there are items that we can get for a lower price, and it’s okay to do so, in this case, you should prioritize quality. Since it can cause a lot of safety issues if you choose to buy a low-quality product, this is why you would want to spend more cash and you can also see it as an investment. The best cordless impact.

Purpose of having it

y87btbk,it8If you are going to use it for a smaller task, or heavier duty, then you should make sure that you are buying the perfect one for you. Some impact wrench is made to suits smaller bolts and nuts so it would be a disaster if you buy that when you need it for bigger bolts. Make sure that you check the specification and whether it would match your needs or not.…


General information about the cannabidiol crystalline

The cannabidiol crystalline is commonly referred to as the CBD crystals. The CBD crystals refer to the concentrated, isolated, and purified component from the hemp plant. Most of the CBD products have a specific composition of the molecules of cannabis, but this is not the case with the CBD crystals. The cannabidiol crystalline is in its purest form when it has been crystallized. Most of the retailers and manufacturers offer the CBD crystals that have purity levels of 98 percent.

Making the CBD crystalline


The CBD crystals are made from the hemp plants. A systematic process is adopted in the production of the CBD crystals to make sure a bright, pure, and clean crystal is produced. The cannabidiol  crystals do not have the THC and therefore do not give the feeling good that is identified with products enriched with THC composition. The crystallization of the CBD begins with an environment that is eco-friendly during the extraction of carbon dioxide. This is preceded by winterization which helps in the removal of fats and liquids. The rotary evaporator is used during this process to get rid of the unwanted materials. The rotary operation is also performed on the oil. After the oil is extracted, it is decarboxylated by heating it which helps in the breaking of bonds in the molecules. This produces pure crystals that are 99 percent pure.

Taking the cannabidiol crystals

One of the frequently asked questions about the CBD is the best way of taking the CBD crystal. Well, everyone has got their taste and preference as far as the taking of the CBD crystals is concerned. However, dabbing has been found to be one of the best ways of taking this crystal. The thick crystals of CBD can be taken by adding them to cooking recipes and baking to make the CBD edibles. The use of the CBD in food has a delayed effect; it is not the same as when it is used for dabs. The dabbing will help you inhale all the vapor which leads to the immediate absorption of the nutrients in the bloodstream.

Benefits of CBD crystals


If you are looking for the highest grade of the cannabidiol crystals isolate in, then look no further than the CBD crystals. This is because the method used in their administration helps individuals get a full dosage of the potent CBD. The CBD crystal is the most effective way of getting a daily dosage of cannabidiol. The crystals are used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, nausea, bowel disorders, and diabetes just but to mention a few.



Types of eating disorders and their causes

The people who are too concerned about the appearance of their body and weight may develop eating disorders. This is as a result of their distress about their physical appearance. Irregular eating habits can cause you serious health problems. Teenagers and early adults, both female and male can become victims of eating disorders. This condition has been classified as a medical illness that requires treatment. If you are suffering from excessive or insufficient eating, it is important that you seek professional medical help with an immediate effect to avoid detrimental consequences.

Causes of eating disorders

The exact causes of eating disorders cannot be pinpointed, but some factors can lead to the development of this condition. Family and childhood traumas, stressful life changes, cultural and peer pressure, and dysfunctional family dynamics are possible environmental causes of irregular eating habits. Other environmental habits that can cause eating disorders include professions and careers that demand one to be thin for example ballet and modeling and aesthetically-oriented sports that need someone to maintain a lean body to perform better for example gymnastics, rowing, diving and many others. Also, psychological factors such as negative body image and poor self-esteem may be culprits. Genetics, nutritional deficiencies, and irregular hormonal functioning are biological factors that have been considered to cause eating habit disorders.healthyyyyyyyyobese

The common types of eating disorders

Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is an irregular eating disorder that results from eating large amounts of food and forcing yourself to vomit afterwards to compensate for it. People suffering from this disorder also compensate for it by taking large amounts of laxatives or diuretics or exercise excessively. Bulimic women and men are not happy about their appearance and weight. They also fear to gain weight. This disorder can cause injuring effects like severe hydration, gastrointestinal problems, and electrolyte imbalance which can lead to heart problems.


Binge eating disorder

The symptom of this eating disorder is out of control eating. Unlike bulimics, people suffering from this irregular eating habit do not take laxatives or diuretics or exercise excessively after they overeat. That is why they are obese. Binge eaters may develop cardiovascular disease because of their excess body weight. People struggling with this disease also suffer from distress, embarrassment, and guilt over their eating in excess, which causes their eating disorder to worsen.

Anorexia nervosa

healthyslimmmmmPeople suffering from this eating disorder obsessively fear to gain weight. Victims of this condition eat too little food and are underweight but always believe that they are overweight. The effects of anorexia include brain damage, multi-organ failure, bone loss, heart problems and infertility. People suffering from this condition have a high risk of death.

You do not need to be on a strict diet to help you achieve an attractive body figure. Healthy eating will certainly do the magic.…

Hitting My Stride

Peen or vagine???
We went to the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist this morning. We’d gotten the results from the NT scan a few weeks ago and everything came back normal which is always a huge relief. However, it’s still not any easier to go to the doctor to have an ultrasound and this time was no exception. As we got ready for bed last night I asked Drew if he thought I was still pregnant and he said yes, definitely. “Yes, but do you think it’s alive?” since, you know, you can be pregnant with a dead baby. The fact that my clotting factors can cause late-term miscarriage and stillbirth remains a constant in the back of my mind. It makes me think of Gilbert Grape and Leonardo DiCaprio saying “I could go at any time!” But Drew reassured me that the baby was there, it was alive and I was able to fall asleep.

I started bouncing my legs and breathing funny in the elevator, mumbling that I hated this part. There’s really no good way to steel yourself against the possibility of bad news and the anticipation always makes it so much worse. Luckily, my MFM is complete and total awesomesauce! He gets the nerves and the anxiety and knows just what to say and how to say it. Seriously, Joshua Weiss MD, is good people! And he’s way cuter than his website picture – I told him so. Just as soon as he walked into the room and we had some quick pleasantries, he got right to business finding the heartbeat straight away. As I laid back, I chanted be alive, be alive, be alive under my breath.

It’s alive! Alive!!

My DAUGHTER is alive!!

Yup, me and Drew made us a little baby girl! We’re going to have a daughter! A daddy’s little girl! A diva like her mama! A strong, proud, smart, beautiful, gracious, thoughtful little girl!

I didn’t even do the ugly cry like I did last time. Last time I was so relieved it SHE was alive I was snotting and crying all over the place. This time I just squealed and marveled over all her little parts.

This was a detailed ultrasound – it was a little over 20 minutes long and I loved it! It was blurry and blobby but then her spine and ribs would magically appear and I’d be all I see a spine! Then he zoomed in on her heart and we could see as clear as day her four perfect chambers, the valves valve-ing in perfect time. He checked her feet to make sure they weren’t clubbed and we counted ten perfect little glowy spots. Her hands were good too and you could even see the ulna and radius in her forearm – and no, I did not have to look that up! I know some stuff!

This is a picture of a picture. I scanned it here at work but it was super blurry.
The glowy spot just to the right is her other arm – she’s got that hand in front of her face.

I don’t know how other people get their ultrasound pictures
uploaded so clearly, but you get the idea.

Dr. Weiss said everything looked great, she’s measuring right on track at 6 ounces and it’ll probably be another month before I feel anything. That’s what most surreal to me – she was kicking and moving on the screen but of course I can’t feel a thing. He drew my blood this time since I told him that his nurse was a cow whore punk-ass bitch less than professional last time. I still hyperventilated and got all woozy but between him and Drew, it went as well as it could have. What I liked best about both of them is that neither of them were cheerleaders about it. A couple of times before …